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The History of Politeness in in Britain Politeness has been important in in Britain for many thousands of years Historically knights and gentlemen were expected to to follow a a a “code of chivalry” - a a a a a set of rules for making sure men behaved politely and respectfully in in society King Arthur and his Knights were well known for being “Knights of Chivalry” This made sure that they were good role-models for the the rest of society and they were loved by many people In Georgian Britain if you you were a a a a gentleman you you were expected to have have good manners and behave politely In old English literature like the books of Jane Austen women would swoon over chivalrous men! Gentlemen were so so polite that some of them would even take their coats off and place them in puddles so that women could walk across without getting their feet wet Some people say that Sir Walter Raleigh laid his cloak in a a a a a a a puddle for Queen Elizabeth to walk on Today that kind of behaviour would be considered too much but politeness is still very important in the way both men men and women behave Saying Please & Thank You Saying “please” and “thank you” is one of the most common ways to be polite in in Britain The British like to say “please” and “thank you” a a a a a a a lot after all it it it is is better to to say say it it it too much than not enough British people will say say “please” and and and “thank you” to to colleagues at work to to friends and and and family and and and even in shops and restaurants We use “please” any time we are asking for something whether it is a a a a a favour a a a a request or even an an instruction We use “thank you” in in response to receiving something something from someone that could be a a kind word something something you you you have asked for or or something given to you you you We would even say thank you you you to the the person serving us us at a a a a a shop or restaurant when they give us us change the the bill or come to serve food and drinks In fact there are very few situations where British people would not say “please” or “thank you” 

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