Page 7 - Issue 1 - The Great British Summer
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Other ways of being polite There are many other ways to be polite in in in Britain and most of them involve making sure that you are thinking about other people For example British people like to shake hands when they meet someone new to respect the the other person’s space Kissing someone on on on the cheek or or hugging them is for close friends only and you may make someone uncomfortable by greeting them this way You may also notice at at work that British people do not like to give direct direct orders or or directly disagree with others This avoids upsetting anyone and helps to keep team spirits high Instead of saying “You’re wrong” or “I “I don’t agree” you might say say “I “I am not sure about that” or “maybe we could try something different?” British people will also often start a a a a a request or or an order with “Please could you ?” or “Would you mind ?” This might seem like they they are not saying what they they really mean but British people would often rather be seen as odd or funny than rude you British We hope you have enjoyed reading about British politeness and behaviour people might expect from you you you in in Britain Thank you you you for your time and please to listen to the accompanying podcast Jessica Kashdan-Brown 

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