You have booked your online English language lessons and you have logged in to Google Classroom. You have set up your study space and you have tested all your tech. What next?

We have put together 15 useful words and phrases to help you make the most of your Zoom classroom for live online lessons.

Useful words to describe your screen in English

useful English words to describe your screen

  1. on the left/on the right
  2. at the top of
  3. in the middle of
  4. at the bottom of
  5. bottom right corner/bottom left corner
  6. below/under
  7. next to

English words to describe the Zoom controls

useful English words to describe the Zoom online classroom

  1. mute/unmute your microphone
  2. switch on your video
  3. speaker view
  4. gallery view
  5. participants
  6. chat
  7. reactions
  8. leave

Don't worry if you can't remember all of these phrases. We know that starting a new course and learning how to participate in live online lessons is a lot to process. However, all of our students soon become very familiar with these words and phrases as they are part of the regular online classroom language.

I always include one Zoom top tip at the beginning of every lesson so that my students can gradually feel more comfortable with the technology and concentrate on language learning.

Maybe I'll see you in a Zoom classroom soon. I hope so!

Jayne ☺️