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MIND YOUR Ps AND Qs Author: Jessica Kashdan-Brown “Mind your your P’s and Q’s” is is a a a a a strange British phrase It means “mind your your manners” or or “be careful of your words and behaviour” In Britain having good manners is is is considered very important The British are well known for their ‘Tis the the the the the sesoto be be be jolly as as the the the the the saying goes and and that politeness and and they are usually expected to to be be be polite polite everywhere: on the the the the street couldn’t be be be truer of Christmas! in in a a a a a a a a a a cafe at at at a a a a a a a a a a restaurant at at at work at at at school and even in in their own homes! “Be sure to mind your p's and q's when you visit your aunt this weekend!” During this this period you’ll You may think that this this seems too polite find people people shopping for but British people people like to be as as polite as as presents visiting family they possibly can to make sure that others partying with friends and and feel welcome comfortable and and respected eating the the spectacular - even if it it means being so polite that they food on offer wherever make themselves look silly Think o of British you turn actors like like Hugh Grant in in films like like Notting Hill To save someone else from feeling Many of of the the traditions that embarrassed British people would often are are followed in in in the the the the United rather embarrass themselves Kingdom are are celebrated in in in the the the the rest of the the the the world too In the the the the following article we will explore whilst some some others are a a a a a a some some important polite words to to use the the art of queueing like a a a a a a British person little more unique to to Britain table manners being on time and other ways you you can make sure you you are behaving politely in in the UK In this month’s issue we hope to put all our readers Author: Rosanna Christou 

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