Page 5 - Issue 1 - The Great British Summer
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me” to to to ask them to to to move If you you bump into someone when you’re walking it it is is good to to say say “sorry” to to them Sometimes British people will even say say “sorry” when someone bumps into them to to apologise for being in in in the the way It is is is not unusual for a a a a British person to apologise even if they are the the victim - for example a a a a British person might apologise if you you spill your tea on on them A lot of of people from outside of of Britain find this funny or strange but it it keeps the the the situation calm and lets the the the other person know that everything is okay British people will even say sorry for things that have nothing to do with them If you are telling someone about something bad that happened to you they they will probably apologise for it it because they they are sorry that it it happened to you In the the UK if you have done something to upset someone whatever their relationship to to to you is is it is is important to to to say “sorry” to to to them If someone apologises to to you you it it is is considered good manners to to accept it it even if you you are still upset A typical way to accept an apology is by saying “it’s okay” “don’t worry about it” or or or “I forgive you” You can also use “sorry?” or or “pardon?” as as a a a a a a question to to ask someone to to repeat what they have said if you did not hear it it This is is more polite than saying “what?” which is is informal and is is sometimes seen as being rude Table Manners Table manners are important in in in Britain They will be different depending on how formal the the situation is If you are eating at at at at another person’s house at at at at a a a a “dinner party” or if you are eating at a a a formal event you would be expected to have good table manners But what are good table manners in in Britain? Well firstly it it it is polite in in Britain to wait until everyone has been served their food until you start eating By waiting you can all enjoy the meal together at the the same time If you are right handed you you should hold your 

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