Page 6 - Issue 1 - The Great British Summer
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knife in in your your right hand and and your your fork in in your left hand If there is more than one set of cutlery on the the table start with the the knife and fork on the outside In Britain it it it is not considered very polite to eat your your food using your your hands It is also good manners to eat quietly with your mouth closed and not to speak while you you have food in your mouth There are also lots of small things that are considered good manners if you can remember them like making sure you do not not reach across another person’s plate and offering other people food before you take any yourself yourself if you you you are serving yourself yourself food from the table It is also polite to wait until everyone has finished eating before you leave the table If you you really need to leave before everyone has finished you you should ask Punctuality - Being “On Time” In Britain it it is important to be “on time” to meetings and appointments Keeping someone waiting or being late is seen as rude and you should apologise if you are late British people value you British punctuality especially at work It is considered good manners to arrive to a a a few minutes early to a a a meeting or appointment to to show respect to to the the person you you are are are meeting and to show them that you you are are are prepared On the the other hand if you are invited to a a a a a a dinner party or an an event at someone’s house it is better to to arrive “on time” not early - to to give them enough time to make sure they are ready For the the same reason if you would like to visit someone at their home you should let them know before arriving It would be be impolite to to to not give them enough time to to to be be ready to to to host you 

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