Here at Languages United we are introducing a weekly blog post called “5 things with...”

Each week we will be asking an LU student their five favourite things about living in Bath. This can range their favourite restaurants to pass-time activities such as going to the cinema.

This week to kick things off, we will be asking Ana her five favourite things about Bath and why. Read on the see what she says…

1) I love how everyone is so welcoming. People were so helpful when I first arrived that now I live here comfortably like a local.

2) Obviously Languages United! The school has really helped me find my way around Bath. It is like a second home and that is very important to me. I needed to feel comfortable in where I would be living the next few weeks and they certainly did that.

3) JMS Run Crew. My running club which I actively go to and has now become a part of my social life where I have made new friends.

4) My host family hold a very important place in my life, they helped me integrate into my English surroundings.

5) Bath. The city itself is beautiful. I love the architecture which is what caught my attention before I came to Bath. It was one of the reasons why I wanted to live here.