If you have a problem, please tell us. Your problem may be practical – for example, to do with your course or your accommodation – or it may be personal – for example to do with a member of staff or another student.

We are here to help you, but we can only do this if we know the problem exists. So please tell us about it immediately. You can speak to anyone that you feel comfortable with.

Complaints Procedure

Any complaint should be raised during the course if possible. If this is not possible then complaints will be considered up to three months after the course ends.

  1. If you are still not happy and you want to complain, please speak to our Course Manager or Welfare Officer, depending on the nature of your complaint. We take every complaint very seriously and will look at your problem carefully and tell you within 24 hours what action we will take.
  2. If you are still not happy, ask to speak to our Managing Director, Slavenka Vukovic-Bryan, who is always available to help you with any problems or can be contacted by telephone and email if not in the office.
  3. If you would like to submit a complaint in writing then please request a Complaints Form and send this to Slavenka Vukovic-Bryan, Managing Director, Languages United Ltd, 66 Walcot Street, BATH BA1 5BD. We will investigate the complaint and respond within 5 working days.
  4. We are a member of EnglishUK – the association for accredited English Language Centres – and if you're still unhappy, you may take your complaint to the ombudsman of this organisation. The ombudsman is an independent person who investigates complaints. We promise to follow the ombudsman's recommendations. Please ask us for information, or you can contact EnglishUK direct at 219 St John Street, London EC1V 4LY. Tel: 020 7608 7960.
  5. The school is also accredited by the British Council and you may also contact this body with a complaint about our services. The British Council address is: Accreditation Unit, British Council, Bridgewater House, 58 Whitworth Street, Manchester M1 6BB.

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