5 Things With... Anna (Restaurant Edition)

5 Things With... Anna (Restaurant Edition)

This week on ‘5 Things With… Anna’ we asked Anna what her top five favourite restaurants were in Bath.


Read on to see what Anna’s top five are...

Jars Meze - https://www.jarsmeze.com

greek restaurant

​Jars Meze is a Greek restaurant that is passionate about its food and extraordinary hospitality. Greece is famous all over the world, not just because of its natural beauty, but also for the treasured Greek concept of ‘filoxenia’. Filoxenia originates from Ancient Greece, where guest and host were treated with the utmost respect and honour. This generosity of spirit has endured – guests in Greece are treated as one of the family, and are welcomed warmly with kind smiles. If you want to experience this friendly reception, Jars Meze will welcome you with a big smile and fresh homemade food carefully prepared by mama for your indulgence.

The Cork - https://www.thecork.co.uk

the cork

Situated right in the heart of Bath, The Cork boasts two bars, two vaulted party pod booths, a conservatory and a very large alfresco terrace area. You won’t find a better pub in which to socialise, relax, watch live sport or have a full-on party! The Cork serve a varied range of food and alcohol.

Mantra - https://mantraofbath.co.uk


Progressive Indian cuisine cooked to the highest standard and served in an ambient setting in the heart of Bath. Discover the understated elegance of Bath’s Mantra restaurant; a world of fine food and wines, fair pricing, and a warm welcome.

The Oven - http://www.theovenpizzeria.co.uk

the oven

The Oven are an independent award-winning artisan pizzeria, specialising in authentic Neapolitan pizza. The team of professional pizzaioli, led by Fabrizio Mancinetti, create delicious pizzas with Fabrizio’s secret recipe. From dough that is made with the most highly regarded Italian stone-ground “Petra” flour.

Thai Hut - https://www.facebook.com/thaihutbath

thai hut

Thai Hut make freshly prepared, authentic and mouthwateringly aromatic Thai street food. Their hut can be found in Green Park Station where they make a point of getting to know their regulars. Serving every dish with classic Thai good vibes has their customers leaving with a smile. No wonder they’re considered as “good mood food!” Expect curries and skewers as well as classics like pad Thai and a range of vegetarian and vegan delights too.

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