English Languages students learning about local businesses

English Languages students learning about local businesses

At Languages United, we are enthusiastic about celebrating our local businesses in Bath. Today we are honouring Meticulous Ink.

Meticulous Ink is a stationery design and print company based in Bath which was founded and owned by Athena Cauley-Yu.

The company offers bespoke stationery printed the old fashioned way - using 1960s Heidelberg Windmill printing presses.

Our lucky Swiss students were given a tour of the shop and were shown how the printing presses work. This was followed by a group discussion of questions and answers with Athena. To end the day, one of our students interviewed Athena about her business.

Athena, what do you do here?

This is Meticulous Ink, we are a fine stationery and letterpress print company, as well as running a fun stationery retail shop, we also have calligraphy workshops. We are a wholesaler so we stock our own branded stationery elsewhere and we are a bespoke printer so we do lots of bespoke small-run private projects.

You’ve had the shop nine years, I assume there must have been some bad times. What was it that kept you going?

My mum instilled in me a very strong sense of self confidence and optimism. I have always been very optimistic, so even if bad stuff happens I always know that everything has peaks and troughs. The way the world works, problems are seasonal so with every low, there will be a high. So I’ve always known and remembered that.

If a genie came up to you and said he could grant you one wish for your business, what would it be?

I guess it would need to be something to do with money or maybe it could be instead that many people wanted to use us. However, I am really happy with the shop and it’s a joy to come to work everyday.

Our students really enjoyed learning about how an independent business works. If you’re interested in finding out more about Meticulous Ink, you can find information on their Instagram @meticulousink or on their website https://meticulousink.com.

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