Hi! I’m Emma and I will be intern for 3 months at Languages United, a very friendly English school for foreigners in the city centre of Bath.

I arrived 2 weeks ago and I just began to discover the city. It’s very beautiful and there are so many things to see and to do. The Roman Baths, the Royal Crescent, and of course the city centre with all the shops, I think there is always something to do! And also, Bristol and London are not so far, and I must see these cities during my stay in England. I will occasionally share my experience in Bath, so see you soon!

5 Things With… Emma

This week we asked our French student Emma, her top five favourite things about Bath.

1) I really like the city’s Georgian buildings and architecture, it makes Bath special!

2) The atmosphere in Bath is friendly and welcoming! The people here are very warm.

3) There is a big live music scene in Bath. From musicians on the streets to local live music in the bars.

4) I frequently go to the Sports Training Village at the University at Bath and use their facilities such as the gym, the track and the swimming pool

5) The Royal Crescent is my favourite building. They’re very pretty and sit right above the Royal Victoria Park.