Co-teaching with the two-teacher system

Languages United works with schools and teachers abroad to co-teach students. This way of teaching, combining local teaching with input from our UK-based teachers, supplements the mainstream language teaching in the school.

The two-teacher system benefits the students, their teachers, and the school:

  • bring cultural lessons to the classroom and the classroom to life, with authentic input from UK-based teachers
  • assist with professional development of teachers
  • trial and apply new teaching methodologies
  • reduce the cost of additional teaching staff
  • further develop less experienced teachers
  • help develop 21st century skills and global awareness and citizenship

In China, the Two-Teacher system (also called the Dual Teacher model) involves a co-teaching approach that really maximises the benefits of today’s video conferencing technology. The model involves one teacher delivering lesson input via live-streaming while the in-country classroom teacher facilitates the classroom management and lesson support. The two teachers work very closely together to ensure pre-lesson support is given, whether that’s vocabulary or other content, in-lesson support and post-lesson tasks and follow-up activities.

Co-teaching project: online debating club

Languages United worked with a school in Italy to run online debating lessons for their students. We assisted in developing debating techniques and language structures, following the world school of debating principles. We worked on developing all 21st century language skills, sentence stress and intonation and idiomatic language. The Languages United approach helped empower students to speak with confidence and deliver speeches with stronger impact.

"It helped me expressing myself and I have learnt a lot, it has been the best way to appreciate English. I loved it!"


"I really enjoyed exchanging my opinions with others, moreover debating also led me to know the points of view of other people and, thanks to this, I was able to expand my knowledge and maybe even change my thoughts about a certain topic."


"The teachers were really nice and motivating. The course was really useful and never boring, I had a lot of fun and I managed to learn something new. I liked the stress exercises very much, because that is something I'm not used to:)"

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