Helping our community - English Language students donate to Save the Children

Helping our community - English Language students donate to Save the Children

For Lent this year, Languages United wanted to give back to the local community. Lent commences on Ash Wednesday and is 40 days and 40 nights long, leading through to Easter Sunday.

We launched a 40 for 40 campaign where the aim was to collect 40 preloved items of clothing donated by our staff and our English Language students over the next 40 days.

We managed to fill our big bag full of clothing donations to donate to one of the charity shops on Walcot Street in Bath; Save the Children will sell the clothes in their charity shop and raise money to help our community.

Emily, who works for Save the Children, came to Languages United and collected our donations. We asked her about the charity and other ways we can get involved in helping our community. Read on to see what she says…


Could you tell us a little bit about what Save the Children do?

Save the Children operates in 120 countries around the world. We help in times of crisis and emergency, an example of this is Cyclone Idai that occurred in Africa, ripping through Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi affecting over 900,000 children.

Save the Children can provide children in crisis with hygiene kits, access to clean water and vaccinations against diseases. As well as reuniting children with their families and creating safe play areas for children during war. This is one of Emily’s favourite parts.

They also put a big focus on education around the world and in the UK. In the UK, Save the Children help children with families below the poverty line. In the UK, children’s lives are shaped by their education. The poorest children do less well at school than their wealthier classmates - and low literacy is linked to low pay and unemployment. Save the Children want to make children aware of their full potential and make their mark on the world.


Why should people donate?

People should donate to help keep the charity alive. By donating we are helping them raise the funds they need to do their good work to help our community in Bath.


What happens to people’s donations?

What happens is the people at Save the Children charity shop will go through the donations and sort them into categories. They will then hang, steam and price the clothing so that they are ready to be displayed on the shop floor to be sold.


How can we donate?

People are able to donate items by walking directly into their local charity shop with their donations. Another thing people can donate is their time, this can be done through volunteering or fundraising.


How can we get involved and volunteer?

To be involved with and help within your local community, you can go online to Save the Children’s website and view their volunteer opportunities available in your area. A different way to get involved is to walk into one of the shops and say that you would like to volunteer.





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