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Group English language booster courses for teachers

Languages United provides booster courses for teachers of English and teachers who use English as a medium of instruction (EMI). These courses are designed to:

  • Improve confidence in spoken English.
  • Improve English language skills.
  • Develop classroom management techniques, such as giving instructions and eliciting.
  • Develop English teaching resources.
  • Develop the teacher's use of English to maximise the amount of English spoken in the classroom.
  • Exchange ideas and best practice with other teachers.

English language booster courses can be run for groups of students either online or at our school in Bath. Group courses in Bath include a city tour and social activities, with accommodation options including homestay, hostel and B&B. 

Courses can be tailored to the group's requirements, including specific topics of interest. We have previously provided such courses as "The Bath Experience – Using this World Heritage City and the Surrounding Environment as an Educational Resource".

Professional development with local school visits

Bath has two universities along with a number of private schools and nurseries. As part of professional development courses in Bath, we can offer the opportunity to visit and spend time in local schools, universities or nurseries. These visits demonstrate UK teaching methodologies and practice, and give the opportunity to discuss best practice with UK teachers.

PRELIM project

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Languages United was one of seventeen British Council accredited schools to take part in the PRELIM project, a project designed to improve the confidence, language and teaching skills of teachers abroad. The course was delivered online over ten weeks through group lessons, one-to-one mentoring with our teachers and self-study activities. The course was a great success, proving that online delivery of such courses is effective and enables participation by a wider group of teachers than would have been able to travel.

The PRELIM participants were delighted at their progress in such a short time:

“These 3 months for me were a step forward in my life... which I would gladly repeat many more times..”


"This is the first course I have done since I qualified to be a teacher, 7 years ago... I am really happy about that course. It was amazing three months. I'm very proud of it."

Individual development sessions for teachers of English

Individual development lessons are provided to help teachers improve their language ability. These lessons are suitable for teachers of English, and teachers whose medium of instruction is English.


The Virtual Staffroom - online development sessions for teachers of English

Our Virtual Staffroom is a professional development opportunity, where international teachers of English meet monthly to work on current issues and trends in English teaching.

This is a synchronous online gathering of teachers to discuss and exchange ideas, and offer suggestions for solutions to practical problems that teachers face in their English language teaching classrooms. Both online and face to face teaching techniques are discussed. 

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Partnerships with English Teachers' Associations

 Languages United is delighted to work with English Teachers' Assoications (ETAs) around the world. In collaboration with ETAs, we provide:

  • Development courses for teachers of English, both online and in-person, that can target a specific level (see PRELIM above).
  • ETA conference speakers. Previous presentations have included "RP or global pronunciation", "Online Teaching Methodology", "Online teaching classroom management", "Live classroom observation", "Using Flipgrid for storytelling", "Flipped Classroom methodology".
"ETAG has gained a valuable partner. I believe that this collaboration will continue (fingers crossed for this)" Manana Ruseishvili, President, ETAG
"My expectations were that this would be a normal language development course, just like other ones... but this training exceeded my expectations and offered a unique way of training. Language development elements were very skillfully combined with British cultural studies. This made teachers very motivated and enthusiastic. In the end of the training what I saw was completely open and confident teachers eager to speak and get involved in the discussions"


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